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October 16th - 19th 2024

Are you ready for an oceanic adventure like no other? Join us on a journey to Lady Elliot Island, a hidden gem of the Great Barrier Reef, with award-winning ocean photographer Brooke Pyke. Delve into a world brimming with marine wonders and experience a unique connection with nature.

Lady Elliot Island isn't just a gorgeous destination; it's an ecological marvel. Known as one of the world's premier locations for swimming with manta rays, its crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs are a snorkeler's dream. Each morning, as the sun rises, embark on guided snorkelling excursions with Brooke.

Your stay at the eco-conscious Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is an integral part of this experience. Here, sustainability is a lifestyle, seamlessly blending comfort with ecological stewardship. Amidst this pristine environment, Brooke's storytelling and hands-on Photography and Marine Life Masterclasses will elevate your photography game and ignite your passion for marine life. You'll not only learn to capture nature's majesty through your lens but also experience a thrilling expansion of your artistic and environmental awareness.

Explore secluded reef locations on private boat tours, and in the evenings, share stories and insights with your fellow travellers during group dinners. This journey with Brooke is more than just a trip; it's an immersive experience, leaving you with a personal photo gallery curated by Brooke herself.

What's Included? 

Snorkel the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Scenic Flights to Lady Elliot Island, 3 nights at Lady Elliot Island Eco Resor, Storyteller Guide & Airguides Expedition Leader, Photography Masterclasses with Brooke, Daily Sunrise Snorkels, Storytelling Walks & Private Boat Tours with Brooke, Personalised Gallery of Trip Photos.

Price per person $3,750 AUD


If you would like to join this trip click 'Booking Details' below which will take you over to the Air Guides website. You can also email Brooke if you have any questions about the Lady Elliot trip.

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