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Brooke Pyke is an award winning photographer based on the Ningaloo Reef in western Australia.


As a wildlife photographer, my aim is to capture the ocean's unique inhabitants with the perfection they deserve. I firmly believe that photography and art have the power to ignite a passion for conservation in the next generation. Through sharing my imagery, I aspire to contribute to the protection of our planet's last remaining wild places. Join me on this journey to celebrate and safeguard our oceans.

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Purchase award winning photographs as fine art prints to bring some life to your walls. Printed in Australia and shipped internationally in a variety of sizes.


Join Brooke Pyke and experience wild places through your lens. Connect with the natural world around you through the creative medium of photography.

Each year Brooke hosts a variety of trips to various locations around the globe. Each trip has a strong focus on raw nature experiences, diving and photography while visiting remote parts of the world. These trips aim to showcase diverse marine life and ecosystems systems while connecting us with something a whole lot bigger than ourselves. Open your eyes to a new world and using photography as a creative medium we will gain a deeper understanding of our relationship with the ocean and the wild places of our planet


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