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Hello and thanks for diving into my website! Currently I live in Western Australia but I grew up in Victoria near Melbourne. I’ve always loved the ocean and during my childhood I spent a lot of time in and around the water. As many fellow Australians can probably relate, the ocean is one of our greatest playgrounds here.


If you had asked me years ago where I thought I’d end up as an adult, becoming an underwater photographer on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia would have surprised me. I studied Graphic Design after finishing school but soon discovered a love for diving while on holiday in Thailand. I soon abandoned my career as a designer and moved abroad to train up to become a dive instructor. The underwater world truely fascinated me and being below the surface gave me a feeling of freedom and calmness. I knew this is where I wanted to be so I spent a several years in south east Asia working in the dive industry. It wasn’t long until I picked up an underwater camera and then this is where it all started.


I bought my first underwater camera back in 2014 and I began to teach myself the basics of underwater photography. I spent hours in the water, learning on the go and in my own time. Experimenting and talking to other photographers for advice, reading a lot about it and following the work of other photographers. I dreamed to turn my new found passion into my career so I sought out locations where underwater photography was a possible full time job.


I moved to Exmouth, Western Australia in 2021 and I now work on a tour boat on Ningaloo Reef. My job is to take photos of the incredible marine life we see and our guests who get to swim with them. The reef here is teaming with life and we are so lucky to have a healthy population of large marine animals such as manta rays, whale sharks, migrating humpbacks and many other pelagic species. The Ningaloo is just one of those places gives you a sense of magic and it never stops surprising me and showing me new things, it really is the dream location for any underwater photographer or nature lover.


To follow my adventures check out my instagram @brookepykephotography

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